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Egress Pros VR Showcase

Pioneer virtual reality was proud to unveil its first custom developed virtual reality application for Egress Pros. The purpose of the application was to showcase the Egress Pros Basement Slider Window Escape System, which is a window that provides an escape from a basement in the event of a fire.

The VR experience puts users in a basement that eventually catches on fire. They must escape using the Basement Slider Window Escape System. We included a comprehensive voice over to guide the user through the experience, as well as provide useful infomation on the product and fire safety. Additionally we included an interactive replica of the Slider Window that users must open in the same way they would if it was the real thing.

The experience has already been used at a public trade show event and was met with praise and awe. The people love it! Many of them were blown away by the experience and the fire slowly engulfing the basement was super effective in showing people the dangers of a house fire, and why its a good idea to install the basement escape system.

Now that we have this amazing experience as a proof of concept, we hope that we will earn the buisness of other like minded innovators. Buisness owners who want to utilize a VR application to help showcase their product, provide training to their staff, or anything else they need.

Stay tuned! More to come soon!


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