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Finding a side job

Humble beginnings eh?

Trying to start a buisness that relies on equipment to fulfill a service is tough, especially with no capital to start with.

Its made even harder when you have a literal mountain student debt piling up.

Sucks to be a millennial huh

well im no normal millennial. I will build this buisness up and pay off my loans. I know I will. I need to. For my families sake

i applied for a few media related jobs today. Both remote. I think I can make an impact on a company remotel, although it’s sometbing I’ve never done before.

we shall see if they get back to me. I know a few mentors and collegeus who can put in a good word for me. im hoping that these jobs don’t result in the same way my last 20 job applications did, with nothing more than an email saying “your application has been received”

ah it’s hard, it really is, especially now

these blogs help


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