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Living in Virtual Reality

Chris told me about this audio which tells a story line about a man who ‘loses his mind' in his struggle living in a virtual society that operates using VR technology.. In this case, I don’t know if I believe the main character of this story really lost his mind. He simply seems to be the minority who doesn’t want to live in an illusion.

The virtually simulated life he's immersed in is entirely fictitious and he doesn’t want to be apart of it. I don't either. I’m just like the protagonist of this story only it’s a little different.

Some licensed health workers would probably tell me I'm schizophrenic because of all of the findings I've discovered that don't fit the narratives I had been raised with. This is because I connect dots and link things that most don’t think to find correlations to. Schizophrenia is a diagnosis that includes holding beliefs that are not known to be true (which are also labeled as ‘delusions’ by others especially those in the health community). However seeing real fact over fiction shouldn't label you as a schizophrenic. Its horrible that one can be listed as mentally ill for holding different beliefs and to me, this is a serious issue.

I don’t think someone else’s voice should be silenced or that they should be mislead either by psychiatrists or other mental Healthcare ‘professional’s’ who are allowed to tell you you're losing your mental or have an illness due to holding thoughts or perceiving things in ways that basically are not mainstream beliefs.

I relate the story line above to our lives now and it just so happens that we really could be on to something that is right. Who knows it’s too soon. The moral of this all is, who is the one who has really lost their mind?

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