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Marketing strategy for city VR venue

As per that one slow Sunday, The manager had the idea to boost sales by displaying someone playing on an oculus quest 2 outside.

It was a good idea, however it is a bit of a jagged concept.

First of all he learned that there should always be more than one instructor out there at all times. The person playing Vr wouldn’t be safe while they are playing a game. Some random thug could pull up while the player is immersed after all!

Also if the person playing starts swinging their arms that always poses as a problem for walking pedestrians.

My thought, on the matter, was a bit more drastic. If the player in vr is using pass mode, they could sit somewhere in the city and just…observe their surroundings.

They then will inevitably peak the interests of some passerby, who will in turn stand and look, not realizing of course that pass through mode is on. Our staff then hand them a flyer, advertising the same picture with Brady, but it includes some text saying

$40 = 2 hours (price is subject to change)

This will perhaps be dangerous, for the instructor, so we would not be able to let just anyone sit somewhere in the city and keep the pass through mode on for the whole life of the oculus battery. Someone might need to be accompanied by one other person if they are both willing to do the marketing strategy, which involves sitting somewhere but only using pass through.

We deem those who do it, the title of vr world marketing team, maybe give them a unique shirt or something.

“You really have to just sit there… you know, you can’t even see your phone bro! Pass through dont let you see that, since your phone screen is a light source.”

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