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New Photos!

Created this new banner with the help of my new friend Chris Pheonix

This past weekend we held our only events booked in March. They were all so awesome though. Well except the one at the bowling alley, not sure if we will be going back there. The prodigy and Spoke events were an absolute blast though. I hope one day I can have nights like those multiple times a week.

I had my friend Buzz come out to the Spoke and Prodigy. He is a great media guy. He took tons of great pictures as well as videos. I used what he gave me to create a press kit which i will be sending to a few bars. i also updated the home page on the website with a collage of his photos.

Buzz is a great guy to work with. I met him during Elevate Next. Another dude named Justin Dion stopped by as well. Hes also great. The three of us were talking about how we can work together in the future.

When I was talking with the two of them after the Spoke event, we were talking about how we can grow professionally. It got me thinking about what my friend Pedro Mattos once told me.

You become the top 5 people you hang out with

I definitely

want to hang out with those two more


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