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Our Sanitation Process

Here at Pioneer VR, sanitation of headsets has always been something of a necessity.. Our events require multiple users to utilize the same headset and controllers. When using our service there is a dual process protocol taken by Pioneer VR to ensure a high level of sanitation to avoid the spread of germs.

Pre and Post event sanitation:

We use a product known as Super Sani-Cloth This is a hospital grade disinfecting wipe meant to clean equipment. It is a very powerful sanitizer and it must be handled with care. Gloves are needed when handling the wipes.

Again, these are used only before and after the event at our base of operations in Amherst. If used during an event it would cause immense irritation and possibly become hazardous due to the strength of the germicide. Which is why we have our second protocol.

Sanitation during an event:

We provide sanitation options at the time of our events for our patrons. We utilize delicate skin hand wipes in between turns. These are your standard hand wipes that are meant to clean hands, similar to hand sanitizer. We wipe the headsets with these during our events in order to keep them clean without using the stronger germicide mentioned above.

Additionally we provide hand sanitizer as to ensure sanitation of the handheld controllers.

Optional headset covers:

We offer complimentary face masks meant to keep ones face from coming in contact with the headset while wearing it. These are provided upon request and are discarded after the users experience is complete.

We hope the unfortunate series of events that have transpired are dealt with swiftly. Stay safe and remember, you cant catch germs from someone if they are in virtual reality!

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