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Pioneer VR in a post covid world

Its been over a year since Pioneer VRs last real event. We did do something with Prodigy Mini Golf and Game Room for Halloween but it was more so just a test of our new sanitation procedures. Yesterday however marked the true return of Pioneer VR in a post pandemic world, well, almost post pandemic.

Pioneer VR brought Virtual Reality to a wedding at the Fox Hollow in Woodbury NY. Yes that's right, an event in New York. Thats because this new chapter of Pioneer VR includes a change in location as well. New York is now the prime base of operations for our business, and we are excited to see what this means.

On one hand it does mean we have to start from square one when it comes to networking, which can prove to be quite a challenge. Places are just starting to open up again, and the last thing on their minds is the incorporation of VR into their business. Perhaps the opposite will happen, and places will be more willing to try something new since so much else has changed as well.

This new revamping of pioneer VR is starting off slow just like most of the businesses that are trying to come back after this pandemic, but new technologies are now in the fore front thanks to the explosion of virtual communication and entertainment that arose during the lock downs. People may be more willing to accept that VR is truly something that can change their business and help it adapt in this new world.

Hopefully there will be more events coming soon. The summer is just about to start, and vaccinations are rolling out. Things are looking up for both Pioneer VR and the world.


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