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Pioneer VR now with screens and stands

That’s right, this week has been dedicated to getting pioneer vrs screens sorted out. So far we have mounted our 30 inch and it looks great.

I just ordered another 30 inch off amazon. I already have the stand so once it come in the mail we will be all set.

one issue I am hoping won’t be to large is transportation. The mounts and screen separately aren’t too large but when the are together it takes up a lot of space.

i can always unmount and mount the screens before and after transport. Tedious but it may be necessary.

these Past few days have been big. one of the things I’m most excited for is our event at the spoke in Amherst on January 30th. It’s gonna be unlike anything we’ve done before so stay tuned.

also Tommorow is my birthday. Cheers to another year of bringing VR to the masses!

See you in the Future!

-pioneer VR

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