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Pioneer VR returns

We’re almost back

Im currently writing this at a bar in Vermont. I’ve been on the road a lot for the past few weeks. Tommorow I finally return home.

Pioneer VR has big plans for 2019. so far we have 3 events booked.

Prodigy VR event on the 12th

Valley Venture Mentors event on the 24th

Baypath College event on February 28th

These events have a lot of potential. I think its an “adiquate“ start, but Pioneer VR needs to get in front of more people.

Which is why the first thing I’m doing when I get back home is traveling once again, to Boston. Pioneer VR will be attending the Boston wedding expo at Shriners Auditorium.

My hope is to meet some people who can teach me about wedding planning.

See you in the future!

-Pioneer VR

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