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Social distanced Halloween in VR

This Halloween I’m sure like many of you I was torn between going out and socializing or staying home amidst the coronavirus. In other words, party and risk it, or stay home and miss it.

I had a way using technology, that allowed me to experience a socializing environment , while also staying in my home.

I think you are all aware of what my solution was

VR of course! Online virtual clubs in games like Vr chat and Altspace seemed like a great option compared to the in person gatherings we are so accustomed to. Wearing my nothing but my halloween pajamas and the VR HMD (head mounted display) I jumped into a virtual Halloween party in Altspace VR.

Upon selecting a world to join in Altspace using the games UI, I was transported to what seemed like a vibrant night club. Many people were surrounding a dance floor, representing themselves using Virtual Avatars. One person seemed to take the role of a Dj who was hyping up what can only be described as a virtual Halloween costume contest!

It was quite fun, seeing what costumes people could create using the limitations of the avatar creator in the game. Characters ranging from Harry Potter, to Ronald McDonald, to even imposters from the popular game Among Us, all flaunted their avatars one after another on the dance floors as the Dj made remarks over the mic. Although the world seemed fake, the interaction with people that I felt seemed real!

Later on I booted up VR chat, another virtual chat room app. I found myself transported to what can be described as a 3D artists expression. The world was very beautiful, sort of like a cliff side, or castles edge, that overlooked a valley of shapes and edges. I wandered around what seemed like the interior of the cliff side and discovered a room with some players. After hanging out with them for a bit I realized the game allows you to emote, and they gave the option to throw candy. I of course, started throwing candy corn at the other avatars.

VR candy fight!

Ahh it sure was interesting to see alternatives to in person socialization. Still, going out on Halloween is something that can’t be replaced merely with a virtual substitute. I at least feel that way for the time being.

This Vr halloween night comes only days after Pioneer VRs Halloween night at prodigy mini golf, our first event in months, where we debut our new 3 step sanitation system. I do think that was more fun than the expiriences from tonight’s VR escapade, and I’m thankful for the chance to still work VR events again.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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