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Spring Ahead

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. Pioneer VR is seemingly closer than ever to something big, the thing is I don’t know what it will be. Right now there are so many things in the air, somethings gotta fall into play.

One of the more interesting developments as of late is the possibility I’d working with the mill district in Amherst. it could be a great spot for pioneer VR’s theoretical store front location. The up and coming multi purpose space already features a reateraunt, a salon, ext. Its kinda like a downscaled version of eastworks in Easthampton Massachusetts.

I started having a conversation with the person organizing the mill district. She seemed nice! However she hasn’t responded to my last email. It’s been a week now.

That is just so typically me, or rather it is something that typically happens to me.

No matter. Since it has happened to me I’m used to it. I’ll get in touch with her. A friend of mine from the young professionals of Hampshire county introduced me to her and I’m meeting with him on Friday. I’ll see what he can do about getting a response regarding that place.

Funny thing is that is just one of the many things in the air that I mentioned. Throw in a new possibility of working in the Eastfield mall, the big opportunity at the Berkshire innovation center, the list goes on.

As I said somethings gotta give. Im hoping something starts moving in time for the spring.

At the moment my license is suspended and I’m sitting in Springfield MA at 6 am waiting for my day job to start. It’s not worth taking the Uber’s back and forth from Amherst to Springfield.

but man is it tiring


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