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The Platform Debut

Yesterday night (February 8th) pioneer VR was once again at Prodigy mini golf in the Eastworks building in Easthampton Massachusetts. Nothing out of the ordinary for Pioneer except for one new feature which debuted at the event. I call it The Platform. (working title I suppose)

The platform is a surface a VR user stands on. It is connected to the sound that is coming out of the VR experience. The surface vibrates and moves in direct response to the sounds coming from the virtual reality experience! Imagine being in a nightclub and feeling the floor shaking from the bass of the music your hearing. Its comparable to that, but the fact that your in VR makes it a wholly unique experience.

Pioneer VR has always been striving to become more development focused. That is to help develop tools which will give our users and customers a more unique experience that they cant find anywhere else. This, I think, is the first step in that direction.

The Platform was actually developed by a colleague of mine named Jacob Lindemen. I met him during my time at Valley Venture Mentors. In fact he was one of the "moderators" of the "round table meetings" which I used to be a part of. It was basically a mastermind session for local entrepreneurs that was held at Valley Venture Mentors. Fun times indeed, it led to me getting to know a lot of business minded folks at a more personal level.

There is already plans on bringing the Platform back into the public eye. In fact the next time it is used it should feature LED light strips on the sides which will add to the spectacle. Later this month Pioneer VR will be bringing VR to the Berkshire Innovation Center and we hope to utilize the platform once again so that we can show the folks there something unique and amazing that was developed right here in the Pioneer Valley.

Additionally we plan to bring it back to Prodigy mini golf at our next event there. Yesterday one of the things we learned was that the platform works best with music based games such as beat saber. Perhaps next month I shall bring Pistol Whipped and see how people enjoy playing that music based game while on the platform...


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