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The Truth in This Art

Recently Pioneer VR was interviewed by Rob Lee, host of the truth in this art podcast. During the episode a wide range of interesting topics pertaining to the history of Pioneer VR as a company, the current state of it, and even a bit about the future plans we have. You can check out the interview here. It also got quite personal, as we discussed science fiction movies, video games and pop culture. Rob Lee is awesome and he made the conversation flow, while leading into the questions that really mattered. We also discussed my journey from working with Young Entrepreneurs Across America to the first VR gigs Pioneer VR was able to work and now to the present day where we have began developing our own content.

It really put a lot in perspective for me. By retracing my steps over the years and summarizing my journey, I realized just how far Pioneer VR has come. I hope to continue working with amazing people like Rob who want to share the creative side of business owners.

You can find Rob Lee on LinkedIn and Instagram

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