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What’s next for Pioneer VR

Hello to all those out there that are still here. Pioneer VR has been well, lying low lately for obvious reasons.

So what’s next you may ask, well first off let me preface this by speaking my mind as a small buisness owner. I find the world is not in a time that most small buisness‘ can thrive in, in contrary it is in a time of transformation. Now transformation may lead to advancement, that is true, but regardless the time we are currently in is in no way easy to navigate as a small buisness owner.

Now let me speak as a Virtual Reality Buisness owner.

The current state of the world has no doubt showed us how important virtual technology is. Zoom calls, online meetings, working from home, it’s all more prevalent than ever.

I think Pioneer VR can be an especially helpful attribute now, but in a different way than it previously was.

Let me explain

Previously pioneer vr focused on showcasing virtual reality and augmented reality technology to the masses. That meant parties, gatherings and social

events, which are at this point obsolete.

As I said this is a time of transformation, and Pioneer VR will have to figure out how to pivot and change to meet the new needs of our world. Perhaps one day things will go back to how they were, and pioneer VR can continue to bring exciting virtual experiences to public spaces. For now though, what is the plan?

Perhaps Pioneer VR will set its sights to work with schools, to help ensure that education can continue in an effective and safe way. We have worked with schools before, and have learned a fair amount of how education and Virtual reality intersect.


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