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Pioneer Virtual Reality creates a revolutionary experience perfect for any type of event! We offer a selection of four customizable games including a virtual reality shooting game, a flight simulator, a driving game, and the exhilarating space plank game. Plus, we bring all the necessary hardware and equipment to your event location. Let Pioneer Virtual Reality bring the fun with our custom virtual reality experiences!

Our driving game in virtual reality features realistic visuals and distinct areas in the virtual race track where there are billboards which can be customized to feature logos and messages from your specific event. To make the experience even more realistic, we bring a whole car setup to your event featuring a steering wheel and even gas pedals, so that you feel like you are really driving through the virtual city!

City Drive

The End, is a first-person shooter Virtual Reality game that immerses you in a world filled with monsters that you must survive. Additionally, we offer customizable areas in the world where you can add your own images to the game, making it even more personal. Try it at your next event and see if you can survive till THE END

Our Flying game puts you in the cockpit of a jet and gives you the chance to fly through a virtual world. Additionally the world in which you explore can feature your own customizable elements such as your own image on the sides of buildings and billboard signs. We also bring a flight joystick to control the jet, so that you and your guests really feel like they are taking control and flying through the sky!

Flying Jet

One of our games is the “Space Plank” which allows you to experience the thrill of falling from the top of a space station. You can customize the satellites to include your logo or photos, making the experience even more unique and special. This game is one of the simplest yet most exciting experiences that every guest can enjoy!

  Space Plank  

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